ALL ROADS LEAD TO CITRONELLE  -  $13.00 (includes shipping)

On January 24, 1902, a former newspaper in Citronelle,  “The Citronelle Call”, printed 10,000 copies of a special edition of its weekly publication.  The purpose of this special edition was to inform the residents, tourists, and others, that had not visited the town, of the benefits offered in visiting and living in Citronelle.  This edition was an overall look at the people, climate, agriculture, businesses, etc., and was distributed throughout the United States.  The articles in this booklet are actual account, word for word, as they were written in that issue. They will give you an idea of how life was in Citronelle, Alabama around the turn of the 20th century.  

The original newspaper donated to the Society by Charles Hattenstien

COMMEMORATIVE COIN  -  $13.00 (includes shipping)

These coins are 1 and 3/4 inches are solid Antique Brass.  Citronelle, Alabama Celebrated 200 Years of Community in 2011. (1811 - 2011)  The Citronelle Historical Preservation Society presented these coins to commemorate this event.  One side depicts a scene from the early 1900’s

at the Citronelle M&O Depot . The other side shows an outline of the State of Alabama, a star to show where Citronelle is located within Alabama, and the Seal of the City of Citronelle.  

This coin was designed by Gordon Vernon for the Society



$3.50 per set (includes shipping)

The Citronelle Historical Preservation Society presents a set of 4 picture postcards of historic Citronelle, Alabama.

The postcards depict:

The Citronelle M&O Depot c, 1903

An M&O Railroad Box Car c. 1895

The Citronelle M&O Depot c. 2011

The Hygeia Hotel Cottage c. 2011



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ALL ROADS LEAD TO CITRONELLE        $13.00 per book

COMMEMORATIVE COINS                         $13.00 per coin

SET OF 4 POSTCARDS                              $3.50 per set of four (4)

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